Aptoide - AppCoins, the currency for in-app purchases

Everything You Need to Know About AppCoins

AppCoins and AppCoins Credits are the currencies for in-app transactions. The best part? You can get them for free by installing apps and spending 2 minutes in them. Also, you can earn up to 20% bonus in all purchases!

First Things First

You'll find all games with AppCoins in Aptoide, your independent Android app store. First, install the AppCoins Wallet to get rewards and process all transactions. It'll do everything for you!

Get Rewarded for Installing Apps!

You'll get a reward for installing and spending 2 minutes in the apps with the symbol . You can find them all in the bundle 'Earn AppCoins Credits' in Aptoide home!

A Bonus on Every Purchase!

You'll get up to 20% Bonus for every purchase you make in an app with the symbol . Take advantage and become the ultimate gamer! Too lazy to look for the AppCoins games in Aptoide? Feel free to find some examples below: